Uplift Solutions – Sustainable Food Systems

Jeff-with-Obamas-2010In 2009, Jeffrey and Sandy Brown created a 501C(3) called UpLift Solutions. The nonprofit would be dedicated to improving access to basic needs for low income communities through grocery store development and assisting with this goal across the country.

One of its three program areas is Sustainable Food Systems, which offers grocers, nonprofits, government and foundations tools to improve healthy affordable food access, especially for areas considered food deserts or low food access areas.

This work includes technical assistance for operating food desert supermarkets, financing/underwriting food desert supermarkets, The Healthy Food Access Fund, Urban Agriculture, food desert supermarket evaluations, etc.

More information for UpLift Solutions can be found at http://www.upliftsolutions.org/

See below to watch Jeffrey Brown and others talk about why UpLift Solutions, and the goals and mission of working together in the community to solve obesity and other problems.