kosher at the Fresh Grocer

The Fresh Grocer of Wyncote and the Fresh Grocer of Monument Road are proud to offer a wide variety of kosher foods including meats, dairy & grocery at our grocery in our stores.We are currently working with the clergy from Keystone K for their guidance and support in becoming kosher certified and offering products for those that keep a Kosher home.

We are currently working with  Rabbi Brisman & Rabbi Wiseman for their guidance and support in becoming kosher certified. We will keep you informed on our progress to serve the kosher community.

Our Kosher list was created to showcase the wide variety of kosher products that we carry in our stores. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive, but it’s a good overview of our kosher products.  We try to keep this list as up to date and as accurate as possible, but we do introduce and discontinue products all the time.  And we’d love to hear your suggestions for additional products to add!


Our dairy aisle houses particular cases that feature kosher items, like:

  • Halaom cheeses including cheddar, American, grated parmesan & string cheeses
  • Batampte Sauerkraut
  • Batampte Tomatoes
  • Batampte pickles including garlic & sour
  • Miller cheeses including swiss, smoked, American, grated parmesan & more
  • N&K mozzarella
  • Less Petities cheeses including mild cheddar, Colby Jack
  • Monsey cheeses including gouda & havarti
  • Pride of the Farm milk products


We are proud to host a large variety of frozen kosher products in our freezer aisle.  You can find kosher favorites like:

  • Tofutti
  • Mendelsohn’s products including pizzas, baked ziti, lasagna
  • Challah Dough
  • Kineret items like Slice & Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies, Whipped Topping
  • Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods including Root Veggie Cakes, Kale Veggie Burgers, Spinach Pancakes & more
  • Golden blintzs like blueberry, cherry, apple raisin, potato pancake & more

We have designated aisles featuring kosher grocery items such as:

  • Lipton items including Matzo Ball Soup, Ranch Dip, Onion Soup and more
  • Beigel pretzels
  • Martin’s Sparkling Ciders
  • Redeem products like White Grape Juice, Vegetable Soup Mix, Orange Tea Bags, Cooking Sherry & much more
  • Hadar items like gravies, crumbs, almond butter, balsamic vingegar
  • Gefen products like sauces, rices, soups, crackers & more
  • Elite candies including chocolate bars
  • Alprose baking products
  • Glicks grocery items such as chick pea, lemon juice and more
  • Prigat juices