The Better Box, LLC Partners With Supermarkets To Open Kiosks Throughout Pandemic

It’s hard to believe that one year has flown by ever since Vittoria Woodill stopped eating out for Taste with Tori segments and started ordering delivery to her door. So on this throwback Thursday, Tori is joining us from her backyard, reliving her first Takeout with Tori featuring The Better Box, LLC.

Throwing it back to last year, I was on a roll tasting takeout from The Better Box, LLC in my first Takeout with Tori in my backyard, starting with the firecracker salmon roll, the angry chicken roll and then finishing strong with the Philly twist roll. And since there was so much to love, recently I visited owner Tamekah Bost at her Northeast Philly location off of Frankford Avenue to check-in.

While she’s still been keeping her roll recipes a secret, she did share the secret to her success throughout this pandemic — thinking big and outside of the box.

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